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  • Genesis


    Genesis: of Introductions and Explanations                                     An exposition by Robin G. Dale


    How we handle the Book which begins the Biblical narrative and establishes our Christian worldview is paramount to how we will handle the rest of Holy Scripture.  It has been popular in the postmodern world to abandon a literal and historical approach to interpreting Genesis.  Many contemporary biblical scholars have assumed positions as arbitrators of truth.  Considering themselves wiser than the Word, they disregard the historical and time tested establishment of biblical inerrancy; and choose to place the revelation of God under their personal and private interpretation.  This abrogation of Scripturual authority by self proclaimed intellectuals has produced an almost insurmountable resurgence of Babylonian culture by stripping the Church of her faith in a sovereign God who alone reveals the parameters of fact and fiction and  fixes the plumbline of reality.  As noted author and apologist Ken Hamm has proclaimed, to undermine the book of Genesis is to undermine the totality and authority of the Bible itself.  If we cannot believe the Bible’s testimony of Creation, we cannot trust Its testimony of Christ.  If Genesis is in error, then our faith is in vain, since the very Christ we preach proclaimed Its truths Himself as infallible and inerrant. 

    The study we enter into will be lengthy as we seek to follow both the biblical, historical narrative of intorductions and the often overlooked explanations of life’s most profound and perplexing questions.  I do not expect that the average student of our modern world will readily or easily accept this exposition, and with that reality I am quite comfortable.  If the messages preached in this study causes a deeper self reflection and more thorough research of the Scriptures, then I will consider myself extremely successful in my endeavors; for I do not mean to have this exposition swallowed whole, but chewed up patiently and digested completely with every ounce of scrutiny and integrity.

    It will take us some time and no doubt we will have several breaks in unfolding this colossal work.  However, I wholeheartedly believe the time will be well spent and prove eternally significant, if we allow God’s Introductions and Explanations of Himself and His handiwork to further shape; or reshape, our worldview and with it our purpose and passion for living. 

    May God bless your every effort to know Him and His in sincerity and truth; for surely this is the whole of revelation and the reason why He had Genesis put to paper and preserved for every generation.

    Until He Returns,

    Robin G. Dale, pastor Elm Spring Baptist  Church

    “I Am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless.”  Genesis 17:1


    A General Outline


    Part 1: Sovereignty and Soteriology       Chapters 1-11:26 

    Theme – The sovereignty of God and the seed of life leading to the salvation of man.

    Section 1: Creation                                    1-2

    Section 2: Corruption                                 3-5

    Section 3: Corrections                                6-11


    Part 2: Promises and Patriarchs            Chapters 11:27-50


    Theme – The faithfulness of God and the failure of man in the unfolding history of salvation.

    Section 1: The Promise of Abram              11-20

    Section 2: The Promise of Isaac                 21-25:18

    Section 3: The Promise of Jacob                21:19-36

    Section 4: The Promise of Joseph              37-50


    Because of the length of this exposition I am not going to commit to a Digging Deeper study every regularly shceduled Sunday Evening service.  We will have them often, but there will be some Sunday Evenings that will be set aside for short series topical studies and appropriate calendar studies. 

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