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Elm Spring Baptist Church
567 NW 1601 Rd
Kingsville, Missouri 64061
Phone (816)697-2698

Regular Schedule

  • Worship
    – 9:00 AM to 10:35 AM
  • Discipleship classes
    – 10:45 AM to 11:35 AM
  • 1st Sundays - Singspiration; 2nd & 5th Sundays - NO SERVICES; 3rd & 4th Sundays - Worship;
    – 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
  • Prayer Meeting, Youth on Mission and Children in Action
    – 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM


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  • Study on Revelation begins Feb 7, 2016!

    Following is an Open Letter and Series Outline for the study in Revelation beginning this Sunday February 7th.

    Kingdom Come: an exposition of the Revelation of Jesus Christ by Robin G. Dale.
    Purpose of the Revelation: To prepare the Church for the return of the King.


    I will attempt to give respectful attention to the four major views interpreting this book: Preterist, Historicist, Futurist, and Idealist. Each view of this book is held in esteem by revered men of God who we would certainly count among the faithful of Jesus Christ. The fact that good men of extended biblical education and theological acumen cannot find complete agreement on the interpretation of this book should bring caution to the one who would dogmatically condemn opposing views and subsequently use their eschatology as a means of prequalifying the parameters of Christian fellowship. In other words, do not make the interpretation of Revelation a litmus test for Christian faith or fellowship.

    If anyone is looking forward to this study as a means of bolstering their personal interpretation of Revelation then they will most likely be sorely disappointed as my own view is held in the minority by modern preachers and popular authors. Much of my personal view is found in all four concepts of eschatology. I believe that while none of these have a corner market on the truth, they all contain truth. That is because each of them begins by seeking to understand the source of truth, the Scriptures. If anyone cannot come to this study with an open mind that is willing to admit that they do not have all the answers to the Revelation of Jesus Christ and therefore could be misinterpreting portions either small or large, it is likely they will find this study frustrating and will leave each service more irritated than inspired.

    My challenge to each of you is to come to God’s Word with a humble spirit and an open mind. Have a teachable disposition. Have a moldable heart and mind. I am not asking that you give your mind over to fanciful or unbiblical ideas; simply that you allow the Scriptures to determine your faith in matters of interpretation, and application of those very Scriptures to your daily life. You will find that I am true to my hermeneutic unlike some Bible interpreters that abandon their own rules of interpretation when they encounter concepts contradictory to their system of theology. My hermeneutic determines my theology, not vice versa.


    My goal in this study is to help you grow in your passion and preparation for the Coming Kingdom. If, during this study and upon its conclusion, you have drawn closer to Christ and begun investing yourself more fully in the coming of His Kingdom, I will have accomplished what God has given me to do on your behalf. For surely the Word of God has been written, not to engender division among the saints, but to transform us into His image and prepare us for His Kingdom.

    Please do not be so insecure in your own view that you get highly offended and close-minded when others of opposing viewpoints question or debate your beliefs. Someone secure in their view of Scripture is comfortably open to question because they know a truth that can’t be tested certainly can’t be trusted; and they know that they themselves have not arrived to a place of personal perfection, and so cannot claim to have the whole of scripture completely solved. Remember that in the presence of many counselors wisdom is found, and that he who shuns counsel is a fool. Let us be wise in our approach to Revelation and allow God to guide us to all truth as He has surely promised to do in His time. Let us enjoy the conversations and discussions that follow, showing respect to one another and allowing each one to arrive to their own conclusion in their own time, as being led by the Holy Spirit. Many learned men with multiple degrees have not come to a complete conclusion of the matter on the subject of eschatology, and in particular, the interpretation of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. So it should be easy for we who are less educated to be less offended if others do not agree completely with our understanding of how God will unfold the final days of this age when the Great Commission is complete and we finally see (to the glory of Christ and the sheer excitement of the saints) the Kingdom Come!

    • Section I The Coming of the King Chapter 1
      • Message 1 1:1-3 Introducing Revelation 
      • Message 2 1:4-8 Introducing the King
      • Message 3 1:9-20 Instructions from the King
    • Section II The Company of the King Chapters 2-5
      • Message 4 2:1-7 The Church at Ephesus
      • Message 5 2:8-11 The Church at Smyrna
      • Message 6 2:12-17 The Church at Pergamos
      • Message 7 2:18-29 The Church at Thyatira
      • Message 8 3:1-6 The Church at Sardis
      • Message 9 3:7-13 The Church at Philadelphia
      • Message 10 3:14-22 The Church at Laodicea 
      • Message 11 4:1-11 The Holy of Holies
      • Message 12 5:1-14 The Host of Heaven
    • Section III The Conquest of the King Chapters 6-11
      • Message 13 6:1-17 God’s Judgment Announced
      • Message 14 7:1-8 The Return of Israel
      • Message 15 7:9-17 The Rapture of the Church
      • Message 16 8:1-13 The Wrath of God, part 1
      • Message 17 9:1-12 The Wrath of God, part 2
      • Message 18 9:13-21 The Wrath of God, part 3
      • Message 19 10:1-11 A Mystery Remains
      • Message 20 11:1-14 God’s Witness in Wrath
      • Message 21 11:15-19 Kingdom Come
    • Section IV The Concourse of the King Chapters 12-15
      • Message 22 12:1-17 The Cosmic Conflict 
      • Message 23 13:1-10 The Tribulation, part 1
      • Message 24 13:11-18 The Tribulation, part 2
      • Message 25 14:1-5 The Redeemed of Israel
      • Message 26 14:6-13 The Final Revival 
      • Message 27 14:14-20 The Rapture Reviewed
      • Message 28 15:1-16:1 The Wrath Reviewed
    • Section V The Consummation of the King Chapters 19:11-22:5
      • Message 29 16:2-21 The Wrath Revealed
      • Message 30 17:1-18 The New World Order, part 1
      • Message 31 18:1-24 The New World Order, part 2
      • Message 32 19:1-10 When Kingdoms Collide
      • Message 33 19:11-21 The Return of the King
      • Message 34 20:1-10 The Mystery of the Millennium
      • Message 35 20:11-15 The Final Judgment 
      • Message 36 21:1-8 Heaven Returned
      • Message 37 21:9-27 Heaven Revealed
      • Message 38 22:1-5 Heaven Restored
    • Section VI The Command of the King Chapter 22:6-21
      • Message 39 22:6-21 Live for Heaven’s Sake!
      • Message 40 RECAP Kingdom Eschatology (Is focused on Kingdom Come!)
      • Does my eschatology focus me on fulfilling the Great Commission???
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